Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Myrtle Beach Pictures

It's been a few days since we posted anything.  We've been in Disney and it's been non-stop and we're all exhausted.  We pull out of Disney tomorrow and I'm doing a little late night laundry so figured it's a good time to try to catch up a little bit.

After our soggy days in the Smokey's we were looking forward to fun in the sun at Myrtle Beach.  You know hang out all day at the beach get our garbage sacks full of wet clothes and gear dried out in the sun, that kind of thing.  Well Myrtle Beach would have none of it.  It continued to rain for another two days.  We pulled into a lake at our campground and campsite.  Water everywhere and coming down in buckets with no relief in sight to get the camper setup, more wet clothes.

So instead of the beach, the next day we hit the town while it rained and got tickets for Medieval Times for the evening.  We all had a blast at Medieval times so that raised our sprites a bit after a pretty gray and depressing day (week).  The next day was our last day at this site and it was dreary and cool, the red flags were out in force with alerts of a strong coastal current.  We waited out the morning around the camper and then figured if we want to get in the Atlantic this was our last chance so we decided to do a little swimming anyways with rules for the boys not go in below their knees (which switched to their waist after a few minutes, they're still short after all).  Everyone had a lot of fun but it was really murky water which freaked Becky and I out (sharks?!?).  After a hour or so everyone was getting pretty cold so we called it good.  Here are some pictures from our stay at Myrtle Beach State Park.

It was raining so hard a river ran through our campsite

Marcus checking out the waves when we ran down between storms to check out the Ocean

Of course a shark tooth necklace


Yellow Night rules...

Braving the water and taking a swim
Becky with all her friends

Kids had a blast playing in the rough surf

Becky wadded in a bit but otherwise again chose not to swim.

After we went back to the camper and warmed up, we checked out the pier and had some ice cream

The fishing Pier

This guy was hanging out begging for bait

And we're done, Myrtle Beach is in the books

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  1. Love the shark tooth necklace...reminds me of what alec would have wanted at that age!