Sunday, August 14, 2016

Great Lakes Tour Pictures - Madeline Island

Madeline Island is part of the Apostle Islands and was our final stop this trip.  It was one of the first places we picked out and I thought it was so cool that we could take our camper on an Island and camp.  Maybe you can do this a lot of places but for me it was a novel first.  We had already completed our Great Lakes challenge to swim in all of the Great Lakes at our last stop but we took every opportunity to swim in Lake Superior's crystal clear cold water.  We stayed at Big Bay State Park and were worried because it was pretty hot out and we didn't have electricity so no air conditioning.  We fretted about that for longer than we should have, even made plans to try to switch sites to a non-reservable electrical site that we got a hot lead on was going to open up in the morning.  But after we pulled into our spot nestled in the woods and looked at the other spot on an interior loop with a view of the bath house we decided we could rough it without air conditioning.  Besides swimming we checked out the shops in the small town, and went kayaking.  The most fun was rock jumping, we had the place to ourselves and weren't real sure if we should be jumping there.  We only had third hand information that this is where you jump and it's deeper than it looks.  Well we started off on a small rock and could see that it was pretty deep even though you could see the huge boulders at the bottom.  The large jump was probably around 15ft and as Marcus said after his first jump "that takes a long time until you hit the water".  He went about 6 times, we all went off with the highlight being Lucas going.  He was really nervous so I tried bribing him with a Pepsi.  He said ok you go again and then I'll go.  So I jumped and looked up for him to go and he had already jumped and was hitting the water right behind me.  We all cheered and ended our morning on a high note.

Here are some pictures from the island.

Truckster's first boat ride.  Well that I know of.
Bike Art

Big Bay Beach

Sam hanging out at the camp site

Deer walking through our site

Becky and her mosquito defense.

Rock jumping off a small rock, ran out of phone memory before we got to the big jump.

Family Truckster stats:
Miles driven - 3410 miles
Gas burned - 332 gallons
Time in car - 86 hours 31 minutes